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Betting and calculating

1. Betting types on BETMIRA

There are several betting types available on Bet MIRA. For one bet you can use the option «Single». If you want to make several bets you can use «express bets», and if you want to make more than three bets than you can use «system» or «chain» bets.

2. What is a single bet?

It is the easiest bet. You make a prediction on the outcome of the match and then make a bet. You would win your bet if your prediction is correct. Winnings are calculated by multiplying bet on the coefficient.

3. What is an express bet and how is it calculated?

Express bet includes two or more events but its indispensable condition is a win of all the events included in express. The general coefficients of express bet are calculated by multiplying the coefficients of each certain bet.

4. What is a system bet? How is it calculated?

«System» is a bet that includes at least three events. The program creates the options of events chosen by you. For example, when choosing a system «2/5» at least two of the five events must win in order to successful bet. The minimum amount of each bet depends on the selection of the system.


An example of bet «System» type

Event Teams Coefficients
W1 Х W2
1 Team 1 Team 2 1.20 5 9
2 Team 3 Team 4 2.10 3.10 3
3 Team 5 Team 6 1.90 3.80 3
4 Team 7 Team 8 1.40   2


For example, you have selected the following four outcomes:

  • Event 1 (W2) - (coefficient = 9);
  • Event 2 (X) - (coefficient = 3.10);
  • Event 3 (W2) - (coefficient = 3);
  • Event 4 (W2) - (coefficient = 2).


Thus, the total number of outcomes in bet «system» type will be 4. From this set of outcomes you can make the following bets:


1. The system «2/4» (two of four) is all the different expresses of dimension 2 (consisting of two outcomes) that can be formed from the 4 selected outcomes. It will be the following expresses: (1+2), (1+3), (1+4), (2+3), (2+4), (3+4). Events are presented in parentheses.
So in this case 6 double expresses will be made. Bet amount on the system will be distributed equal and each of the expresses will have a share of 1/6 of the total bet.


2. The system «3/4» (three of the four) is all the different expresses of dimension 3 (consisting of three outcomes) that can be formed from the 4 selected outcomes. It will be the following expresses: (1+2+3), (1+2+4), (1+3+4), (2+3+4).


So in this case 4 triple expresses will be made. Bet amount on the system will be distributed evenly and each of the expresses will have a share of 1/4 of the total bet.


The advantage of «System» over «Express» is that the bet «Express» loses in the case of all wrongly predicted outcomes even if it is a single one, and only those options, which include this wrong outcome, will lose in the system.
Suppose that in the «2/4» system with bet amount of $60 the 3rd outcome wasn’t guessed (for example, Team 6 lost or played draw), while all the other outcomes were guessed correctly. In this case all the expresses which include the third outcome will lose but the other variants of the system will win:


  • (1+2). Coefficient of express: 9 × 3.10 = 27.90
  • (1+3). Lost.
  • (1+4). Coefficient of express: 9 × 2 = 18
  • (2+3). Lost.
  • (2+4). Coefficient of express: 3.10 × 2 = 6.20
  • (3+4). Lost.


Bet amount $60 is distributed evenly at all the options of the system (6 items), i.e. each express has $60/6 = $10 of bet amount.
In this case your win will be: $10 x 27.90 + $10 + $18 x 10 x 6.20 = $521.

5. What is the chain bet and? How it is calculated?

The chain bet is the combination of single bets, which are independent for each other. The indispensable condition is a winning of the first event. The procedure of chain calculations depends on the order of the bets specified particularly in the coupon. After the first event, wins the amount equal to the bet for the second event would eliminated, and the added amount is a «chain» balance. If the next event loses, the amount of the «chain» balance is used. Each next event is calculated on the same principle. If the amount in the «chain» balance is less than the amount of the first single bet, in the next event a single bet is calculated starting with sum that is left on the balance. If there is no money left on the «chain» balance the chain is interrupted and the bet is lost. In case of win, the winning amount depends on the number of events won and their coefficients.


Consider the example:

Leg Event Stake Odds Outcome
1 event $3 2 Win
2 event   1,5 Win
3 event   2 Lose
4 event   3 Win
5 event   1,5 Lose


As a result of the first event the sum of $6 is formed, $3 is transferred to the next event as the amount of the bet. Another $3 is transferred to the «chain» balance. $4.5 is formed as a result of winning the second event, $3 is transferred as a bet amount for the next event and the remaining $1.5 is transferred to the «chain» balance totaling $4.5. If you lose the third event $3 are taken from the «chain» balance for the fourth event, and only $1.5 is left on the balance. Winning of the fourth event forms $9. $3 of this sum is transferred as a bet sum for the fifth event and $6 are added to the «chain» balance resulting in a «chain» balance of $7.5. The fifth event has lost. This means that the win of this chain is $7.5 that is as much as there is in the «chain» balance.